Dec 1, 2010

Nepal instability to negatively impact entire Asian continent: China

China has once again urged Nepal's political parties to forge consensus or else Nepal's instability will have adverse impact in the entire Asian continent.

This, one of the high ranking Communist Party officials of China said upon meeting the eleven member Untied Marxist Leninists' Party delegation in Beijing.

The delegation is being led by former minister and UML secretary Mr. Yub Raj Gyawali, reports one of the leading national dailies of Nepal.

China has been repeatedly warning that continued political instability in Nepal will adversely affect entire South Asian region but, this is for the first time that a high ranking Chinese official has said that the effect could exceed beyond South Asia and may engulf the entire Asian continent.

Mr. He Young, a member at the Central Secretariat of Chinese Communist Party in Beijing said, "We have been closely monitoring unfolding political events in Nepal...we have concluded that prosperity and peace in Nepal will be in the benefit of the entire region but, continued instability and anarchy in Nepal will affect the entire Asian continent ultimately".

He also reminded that all political forces of Nepal had joined hands to abolish Monarchy and repeatedly urged the parties to unite.

"China will never interfere in Nepal's internal matters and we will also not tolerate any other extern force to interfere in Nepali affairs", said the Chinese official.

Mr. He Young had recently visited Nepal leading a 21 member Chinese delegation. He had secretly met with vice chairman of Unified Maoists' Party Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai. (November 30, 2010)

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