Nov 30, 2011

Nepal may be venue of opposing Chinese and Indo-US Security interests

Sulabh Khatiwada
MBA Graduate,Jhapa, Nepal 

Sulabh Khatiwada, a fresh MBA Graduate from Apex College, Kathmandu, is now associated with a business firm named DR Construction & DR Supplies. Apart from being involved in the business activities, he is closely observing the political events happening within and without the national boundaries.

Sujit Sharma for the Telegraph Weekly and its online edition approached and talked with this lively young man on several aspects of Nepali economy and politics, recent trends observed in global politics and its possible impact in Nepal.

Below are the excerpts of this exclusive interview: Chief Editor.
Q1: Nepal is now undergoing through peace process. Does this situation have had any impact in the development activities happening in the country?
Khatiwada: Being an associate of a construction company, I am largely benefitted by the current state of country. Nepalese economy was in stagnation, better say it was very much close to a collapse, during the 10 years long Maoist insurgency. After the mainstreaming of the Maoists in national politics, some positive changes have been noticed in the national economy. Our economy is gradually becoming pulsating.

The firm to which I am associated is mainly focused on the construction works in several municipalities. The development activities in the municipalities have been increased drastically after the beginning of the peace process. Government has increased budgetary allocation for the development activities and Consumer Groups have been formed at the local levels to monitor such activities. The ongoing development activities have integrated the aspiration and stake of the local people. I am satisfied with this change.

Q2: It is being rumored that the businessmen in Nepal are being victimized by the extortion campaign of different political parties and armed groups. Is it true?
Khatiwada: I would prefer to remain tight lipped over this issue. Let it remain just a rumor only. I apologize for this.
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