Apr 27, 2012

Nepal Maoists: Real fight or a ploy?

By N. P. Upadhyaya
Kathmandu: Whether the new constitution would be delivered on time or not is not sure, (chances are bright yet as Muni has told us all) however, what is for definite is that by that time, the former NOIDA sheltered Nepal Maoists will have remained bogged down in an unmatched inner party squabble. Marpeet can’t be ruled out.
A violent ideology based, likely to be associated with physical mugging; dangerous clash is very much on the cards if one were to believe the programs now being charted by the Mohan Baidya panel which has the sole objective of exposing Party Chairman Dahal’s financial misdeeds.
The hardliner panel believes that they were in possession of some “authentic documents” which were sufficient enough to prove that their own party Chairman Dahal had been involved in financial irregularities and, in the process, had already pocketed State money allocated for real or even fake militias residing then in the cantonments.
Were the caged militias a milking cow for some? Mahara who used to receive the Bank Cheques from the State could shed some light on this issue. But will Mahara or the Company Commanders?  
The money thus embezzled runs in billions.
No wonder that the opinion differing section will soon drag Chairman Dahal to the CIAA first and is planning to forward a copy of their appeal to the Public Accounts Committee of the Nepalese parliament and also to the National Vigilance Commission.
Calculated ambush but with required documents.  
Whether these authorities will dare to initiate actions or even investigation as demanded by the Baidya panel will tentatively determine the real face of the former radical revolutionaries who spoke of transforming the entire Nepali society across the country. Personal transformation has already been accomplished. Development perhaps begins from one’s own home first. The new Charter must incorporate this proviso which will encourage others to develop simultaneously.  At the approaching end of Nepali civilisation, each and every Nepali will have by then developed.
Interestingly, the dissenting panel chief, Mohan Baidya, better late than never, has admitted in public that he too had his share in elevating the stature of Chairman Dahal in the institutionalisation of the theory of Prachanda-Path.
“I too have committed a slip-up and I thus must repent for my excessive leaning towards Prachanda during the people’s war period”, so says Mohan Baidya, as reported by the Nepali media.
Late repentance. But is this enough?
Thus the stage is set for a dangerous fight- to- finish coming into existence if things go as expected by the dissenting panel and hoped by many anti-Maoists across the country.
But is this fight for real or just a calculated stage show in order to distance the writing of the constitution? To recall, the Maoists know and have the expertise on how to keep other parties guessing of their impending moves.
Some opine that it is just a structured move to prolong the tenure of Babu Ram led government even if the Charter is not drafted on time. Yet some others authentically claim that Baidya panel’s charges hurled upon Chairman Dahal is a real one simply because this time around the dissenting panel has officially declared Chairman Dahal as a RED Traitor.
Such an allegation can’t just be taken as a theatrical performance instead the Baidya panel is now determined to bring Chairman Dahal’s prestige to the footpath by cutting his late Girija-NOIDA extended wings.
This allegation has some substance in that hundreds of disqualified and the militias who opted for voluntary retirement jointly claim that the money that had been earmarked for them by the State while being inside the cantonments till the other day as monthly salaries either did not approach them or even if it approached then a substantial amount from their regular salaries were missing.
The disgruntled militias now believe that the missing money finally to have finally entered into Chairman Dahal’s pocket through his trusted PLA Commanders. The unregistered Nepali bank.
High placed sources now claim that Mohan Baidya has suddenly become stronger because now he enjoys the unconditional support of those militias who have concluded that they have been duped by the party and the Chairman. Dahal may have been awaiting trying times for himself.
Other sources indicate that the militias who preferred voluntary retirement too have gone into the fold of Mohan Baidya and thus a strengthened Baidya may have thus decided to expose his party Chairman this time around. By the way, Mohan Baidya is already in connection with the men belonging to various geographical locations across the country from where he expects support to his panel in his mission which is to smear Prachanda’s political credentials as a revolutionary of the highest order. 
It is in the rumour that Mohan Baidya is in contact with the former Royalists whose combined strategy, if it were a real one, is to prove that the 2005-6 political change has done more harm than good to the nation.
This too sounds logical in that the victims of the 2005-6 revolution have reasons to come closer. But wasn’t Baidya himself a key man of the People’s War which devastated his own motherland the scars of which could yet be observed here and there?  Will he now apologise? He should if he is really an ideologue.  
Now it remains to be seen on how the Baidya team takes up the “expose Prachanda campaign” to its desired height which will perhaps chart the impending course of Nepali politics.
In sum, if the inner party wrangling of the Maoists takes a frightening dimension then the country is for sure to embrace a more difficult period which might encourage either the Nepal President or the Nepal Army to jump into politics under this or that pretext. After all the country must be saved.
The declaration of emergency could be easiest option indeed. This option is being discussed, analysts have been told. In case the urgent situation is declared, interesting would be to watch how the common population honour the changed political situation?
The Dahal camp though takes the Baidya group as anti-nationals.
How the old friendly aliens handle this tricky situation will be no less interesting to observe.  
Settling the current dispute, even remaining in the dark, will allow one readymade Card to keep it under the sleeves which could once again be used against Nepal much the similar way as it had been in the past. The players may change but the ideas will not which is to keep Nepal in a troubled state until Nepal as a nation-state submits.
Courtesy: Telegraphnepal.com 

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