Mar 13, 2009

Nepal in a Political Deadlock: Is there any Way Out?

Ruling Maoist leaders have created an uproar that 'a conspiracy is under way in India to restore Monarchy' in Nepal. Girija Prasad Koirala is in India, so are some UML leaders. Former King Gyanendra too is in India since last two weeks. Koirala is scheduled to meet Indian prime minister, Sonia Gandhi, BJP top leaders and others. This has created skepticism that some kind of regime change in Nepal is being planned in New Delhi. What would be the reality? Is Nepal's political scenario going to change? In the past, India had been doing 'what it wanted' in Nepal. But the situation has changed now and India's power has been checked in Kathmandu by China and the United States. Can India do 'anything' it desires in Nepal? In the domestic front, the nation is crippled by continued 'struggles' by various forces. The ruling parties are signaling to amend the Interim Constitution to meet the demands of Tharus. On the other hand, Madheshis are threatening the government not to undermine 'Madhesh' or face another Madhesh Aandolan. You go with one, there is another against it. The rulers and leaders have deliberately engulfed the nation into political chaos. There seems no way out. What would be the political picture of Nepal in the days to come? Can the leaders find easy way out? Who is responsible for this situation? An in-depth analysis is done in a radio talk-show by Deepak Gajurel, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Tribhuvan University. The program was broadcast live over Gorkha FM (93 Mhz) on Fagun 29, 2065. Please click the following link to listen/download the talk show. Feedback would be appreciated.

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