Mar 7, 2009

US and Nepal; Sri Lanka-Meaning for Nepal

By Deepak Gajurel United States has been showing serious interests in Nepal since the political change three years back. US officials are frequently visiting Nepal which is getting utmost attention among Nepal intelligentsia and diplomats in Kathmandu. US Under Secretary of States Boucher's recent visit to Kathmandu made an issue for academic and diplomatic discussions. As an Assistant Professor of Political Science with Tribhuvan University, with special interests on international power equation and Nepal's relations with friendly nations, I have analyzed the US concerns in Nepal in a live radio talk show. What Washington wants in Nepal? Is Nepal engulfed into regional and international power struggle? What should be the strategy of Nepal to serve its national interests? I have tried to explore answers to these questions in the radio interview. The talk show was broadcast over Gorkha FM on Fagun 2, 2065. The program also includes recent development in Sri Lanka and its possible meaning for Nepal. Please click on the link below to listen or download the audio file (MP3)

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