Jan 15, 2012

Chinese PM’s million dollar suggestion to Nepal: Will India reciprocate?

Unbelievable scene that it was.

Paralyzed traffic beginning early hours on Saturday January 14, 2011 ment either that Baburam terror of demolishing private constructions have now approached the China built Ring Road, or else, cadres of some political parties must have occupied ‘garbage filled’ streets of Kathmandu forwarding some ‘garbage demands’.

At best, the bankruptcy-ridden Nepal Oli Corporation would have begun distributing petro-products to the deserted petro-stations in Kathmandu. The queues would have exceeded all past records. Could be?

It was highly unlikely following last month cancellation of Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao’ visit to Nepal, any high-level dignitary of the world stature of the sort of Premier Wen would ever visit this politically devastated nation.

Guests from India such as that of Sita Ram Yechuri or Shyam Saran would have arrived. If that was the case then only senior journalist Rishi Dhamala and his ilk would have welcomed the India guests at the airport as usual.

Perhaps, Indian Foreign Minister S.M. Krishna would have landed in Kathmandu and some enthusiasts may have shown him black flags at the Airport. But, the intensity of traffic jam suggested something else. What for traffic jam then? The nervous looking traffic police officers had their work cut-out until 5:00 PM. The entire day laymen kept on guessing.

It was only at 04:45 PM, Nepal’s controversial Foreign Minister Narayan Kaji Shrestha organized a press meet at the Tribhuwan International Airport and declared that Premier Wen’s Nepal visit has been a grand success. When did Premier Wen arrive in Nepal? What forced China to keep the visit details a guarded secret? Does China fear the foreign (both near and far) sponsored Tibetan miscreants in Kathmandu whose activities are on the rise following 2006 Political changes of Nepal?

The Chinese Prime Minister, according to government sources, arrived at 11:55 AM on Saturday and left exactly 4:45 PM the same day. Sources claim that the Chinese Ambassador had strictly told both Nepal’s Prime Minister and Foreign Minister to keep the visit details strictly within themselves. What does that mean? China does not trust Nepal’s political parties anymore. However, Ambassador Houlan did convey this to his “chums” much in advance. China’s sinking diplomacy.

In his almost five hours long ‘official’ stay in Kathmandu, reports have it, Prime Minister Wen Jiabao held one on one meeting with both the India educated Nepal’s Prime Minister Baburam and President Ram Baran, nevertheless, he held a joint crowd meeting with the leaders of Nepal’s major political parties-the self declared and pumped heroes and builders of Nepal.

Even the so-called & self declared ‘revolutionary communists’ of the sort of Pushpa Kamal and Jhal Nath were met in the crowded group. Treatment was equal. Here lay the Chinese message.

In his meeting with President Ram Baran, Wen reminded that Nepal China relations should be based on the five principles of Panchasheel. Why Wen chose Ram Baran to remind of Panchasheel is anybody’s guess? In his meeting with Baburam, Wen reportedly, advised and that too repeatedly to make relations with India cordial.

A befitting lesson for the Indian regime.

“We share good relations with India. We want your relations with India to remain cordial,” Wen is quoted as saying.

PM Bhattarai of BIPPA fame must have smiled. But, he may have failed to get Premier Wen’s inner message.

Bhattarai is quoted as saying by the media (after the meeting), “Wen has provided three political messages. First, importance of peace and constitutional processes, second is the political stability and third is cordiality between Nepal and India.”

Why Wen chose Baburam to talk about India must not be taken as a mystery. Wen perhaps knows the “Indian details” of Nepal Prime Minister.

Comments Jhal Nath Khanal of United Marxist Leninist, which is as follows, “This visit is very important. We can clearly see that China loves Nepal and wants to help us in all its capacity.”

Note worthily, Wen asked Sushil Koirala during the group meeting, “By the way what relations do you share with Late Girija Prasad Koirala.”

Sushil replied (hopefully not in Hindi), “He was my close relative.”

A satire of the Himalayan order which Sushil may have taken very positively which it was not.

Courtesy: Telegraphnepal.com

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