Jan 23, 2012

Counter revolution that it was in Nepal: Ex-Army Chief Katawal


The former Chief of the Nepal Army Staff, Rukmangad Katwal, has begun talking like a political leader.

Highly ambitious and equally controversial, former CoAS Katwal spoke his inner mind wherein he took to task all those who had associated themselves in the last popular movement, 2005-6.

Katwal is an intimate friend of the former Indian Army Chief, Deepak Kapoor.

Says Katwal, the movement of 2005-6 was not at all a revolution as is being given to understand instead it was “a counter revolution”.

A new dimension has been coined to the NOIDA sponsored drama staged in 2005 by Nepal’s seven party alliances which was in effect presumably to do away with the Nepali monarchy and nothing more than that, claim informed analysts.

Continues Katwal by stating that “can the revolution be taken as a real revolution worth the name which fails miserably to transform the nation on economic and social terms”?

Interestingly, Katwal questions that for whom the revolution? Those who were in the power corridors of Nepal themselves talk of waging yet another revolution. What do all these mean?

Understandably, Katawal was referring to the Maoists party-a section of which prefers to go once again for a grand revolution. Say, for example, the hardliner panel of Mohan Baidya.

Katwal’s distaste against the Maoists remains now no longer a secret.

He further alleged that the Maoists had been misusing the national exchequer in the name of awarding financial assistance to the ones who had become the victim of conflict during the people’s war.

He clarifies thus: How can the conflicting parties, the State and the People’s Army, be taken as the victims of conflict?

Weren’t they the warring sides from their respective quarters?

Maoists cadres can in no way be taken as conflict victim, Katwal opined.

Talking of the present day political parties, Katwal says that the “people who had come to the streets to sideline the Nepali monarchy in the past may once again come to stage a fresh revolution against the parties who have failed to deliver”.

Smells of his love and honour for the sidelined monarchy.  

In his concluding remarks, Katwal kept on criticising the Nepal Maoists.

Katwal made these observations in Bhairahawa yesterday, January 22, 2012 while talking to local media men there.

Courtesy: telegraphnepal.com

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