Jan 16, 2012

Why should I bow down to India: Excited Nepal Prime Minister questions

A day after meeting the Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao at home, Nepal’s Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai has said that he is not a pro-Indian leader.

What a cruel NOIDA/JNU joke?

Talking to a select group of journalists in Kathmandu January 15, 2012, Baburam who gave the impression to have acquired the needed courage after meeting the Chinese dignitary of world stature, also claimed that there was no need to bow down to India.

India being cheated in series by its own home grown siblings.Blood pressure must have gone up of those who were Bhattarai's friends in NOIDA and JNU. 

The smart Chinese leaders call Baburam as the Nepali version of China’s reformist leader Deng Xiaoping. Grand humiliation.  

“There is no need to bow-down to India”, said Baburam and added, “I had been a student at the Jawaharlal Nehru University. The approach I have and the links I share with India’s leadership have provided me the needed courage to talk straight to the Indians.”

Appears his days will now be numbered.

“I have been labelled as a pro-Indian leader. It is not true,” Baburam told the same preferred bunch of media men with whom he had earlier shared the details of Premier Wen’s Nepal visit which got eventually postponed. Thanks duly goes to the Chinese Prime Minister that he later arrived Nepal by ignoring Baburam’s proven poor diplomatic acumen and thus helped Nepal reinstate its lost prestige in the world arena.

“The Chinese prime minister came to Nepal to exhibit China’s unequivocal support to Nepal’s peace process and to extend other forms of support,” said the Prime Minister and added, “The visit took place because they wanted it.”

So Baburam means that Premier Wen came to see his face? Jocular comments in sequence.  

“We had kept the visit details a guarded secret as per their request,” also disclosed the Prime Minister.

“Keeping the activities of Tibetan refugees and security sensitivities in mind the details were kept a secret,” the India trained Nepal PM said.

In the course of his interaction with journalists, the overly excited Prime Minister Baburam claimed that there was no relevance to the theory of ‘Nepal as a lifeless buffer zone’ between India and China primarily enunciated by Great King Pritivi Narayan Shah.

Both Baburam and late King-the unifier of Nepal- hail from the same district.

“Prithivi Narayan’s theory of ‘life less buffer zone’ is irrelevant in the present context. Nepal should be developed into a lively bridge between the two economic giants”, claimed Nepal’s Prime Minister and added, “We need to redesign our foreign policy and we need to garner national consensus for enacting the changes.”

“Let us look towards Mongolia. It has very well established itself as a lively bridge between Russia and China to attain the economic prosperity.”

Baburam however, did not reveal whether India will be as magnanimous as Russia. Perhaps Baburam will talk straight to Dr. Manmohan Singh.

(Unconfirmed reports have it that Nepal PM Bhattarai instantly made a telephone call to his Indian counterpart and provided him with all the details of his talks with the Chinese Premier).

To recall, Nepal’s last king Gyanendra Shah too had forwarded a similar theory which eventually did away with the 240 years old institution of monarchy. Good luck Baburam! Footpath now awaits you.

Baburam had all the praise for himself. Look what he said at the end.

“As a straightforward speaker and a thinker, I have felt that India, China and the US take my views in a positive manner.”

Are you sure Baburam? Self praise is no recommendation.

How India reacts to Nepal PM's outrage will perrhaps determine the future course of Nepali politics.

Courtesy: telegraphnepal.com

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