May 31, 2012

Nepal: Eatery in Dark, Israel takes the lead

By Telegraph Nepal

We have come to a conclusion that those who were born blinds can see and feel the pulse beat of the nation in a much more sensitive manner than those who have not to undergo through the traumatic experience of blindness.

Blind men can see. They too can feel the pulse beat of the nation and moreover, they too, though Mother Nature did not provide them with this sensual organ, can understand the deteriorating politics better comparatively. They, above all, are polite. Not arrogant like Nepali leaders. They don’t cheat or create any scandals. This is what we felt last week when we have had a chance to meet some Nepali blind youths who have been running a “Blind Restaurant” under their own collective initiatives. Association pays. 

The entire ambience was not only sympathetic but heart rendering as we the invited ones were housed in a complete dark room and look the Charisma of the Almighty! The Nepali youths, with no eye sight yet traveled to the dark kitchen, yet again dark and the men cooking the Italian dish too were born blinds, and yet smilingly brought the food items through the dark corridors and placed in the table as per the preferences of the invited guests. Not even a slight error could be noticed. Simply great and unbelievable but yet true. The service delivered by the Nepali compatriots  was with an unending smile that it was throughout the stay of the guests, which we could feel during our presence for at least an hour or so, that provided us all with a thought that these Nepali youths have reconciled their fate with what they have with them at the moment but expected sympathies from those with eye sight and appealed through us all to send messages to all those political thugs not to declare Nepal closure in series as such bundhs/strikes have had direct negative impact on their new profession which could certainly be taken as a complete new beginning to live their lives not by begging alms but through their own labor. Labor and that too of this sort must be respected and applauded thus the entire men engaged in this profession deserve deep appreciation in that they have taught lessons to us all, with eye sight intact, that even a blind man can live a dignified life if he or she had the strong will power. These boys who treated us well had this strong determination with them as was evident from the prompt and the well disciplined answers to the questions made to them by some of the guests, a political leader  included, who was found defending himself and his party’s role in the constitution building process. However, the political animal perhaps could now not be seen in the Kathmandu streets for fear of being taken to tasks by the irate public for having gulped over two million rupees as the now dead CA member. Yet he is taken as one of the modest personality inside the entire UML paraphernalia. But will he return the monthly salary? He will never. Modesty has no attachment while the talk is of money.

What was most touching of it all is that when one of the blind attendants said that since they can’t see while traveling in the footpath, they at times fall inside the sewer/potholes and also due to the Babu ram ravaged roads of Kathmandu.  Such incidents have become common for them which could be believed with guarantee as our roads in Kathmandu have been damaged and nobody knows as to how long it may take for the badly torn roads to become fit for those laymen who were not in state loot authority. More so our concern is for those blind youths!

Our wish to send the 601 white elephants to this Blind Restaurant remained only in our minds. It could not materialize for the reasons now known to us all. The idea was to make them aware of how the lives of the Nepali blind youths continues in progress with no qualms, working and accomplishing their duties ( in dark indeed) with dignity and moreover without plundering the State money.

However, we have not lost hopes simply because we have some still kicking and alive in the Nepali political spectrum who have still been looting the state money-the tax payer’s money. Presumably, those who cheated us in the recent past will come to us again with a changed face and political tone. The emperors are coming once again in new clothes.

Finally, our encouragement and best wishes to the Nepali blind youths who have exhibited to the world that a dignified life could be lived even if one has no eye sight. Thanks the Embassy of Israel which took the lead. Hope other friendly embassies too will come to the support of the Nepali blind youths who have a separate chamber at the Imago Dei Restaurant-just opposite to the Eastern gate of the former Royal palace with no bias.  Any act of encouragement to these bubbling Nepali blind boys would mean much to the ones who in effect deserve this. Before we conclude, we wish to make an appeal to Nepali leaders to learn some lessons from these blind youths on how to live an honored life without indulging in any acts of treachery.  Congratulation dear Nepali friends. Your works shall not go unnoticed by the disciplined Nepali society.  Well done the embassy of Israel. Thanks.

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