May 31, 2012

Will India-China feel Nepal’s spillover effect?

By Telegraph Nepal

Late evening Monday May 28 and early hours on Tuesday May 29, 2012, Prime Minister Baburam met with Indian Ambassador Jayant Prasad and Chinese ambassador Yang Houlan.

To recall, Ambassador Houlan had recently returned to Kathmandu after a long summer vacation.

Both the meetings took place without informing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Poor MoFA!

“In the last three weeks, we have come to know about such meetings through the media,” an unnamed ministry official is quoted as saying by a national daily adding, “We are not aware of PM’s meetings with Indian and Chinese envoy”.

Nevertheless, what transpired during the two separate meetings has not yet been made public by the government but PM Baburam must have sought support from the two neighbors, claim analyst, for the longevity of his caretaker government.

If reports leaking out of PM’s Baluatar residence are to be believed then both the ambassadors are learnt to have expressed similar concerns.

“Nepal’s overly stretched political fluidity could finally have its spillover effect on the neighborhood”, reports quote sources as saying.

Analysts claim that with institution of monarchy replaced by power monger and corrupt India backed Nepali political leadership, the historical equilibrium between India and China has also been disrupted thus the two neighbors suspect each other of having used Nepali leaders against the other which has increased more fluidity in the Nepali political situation. 

The fluid political situation has in turn proved to be favorable for countries in the west to use Nepali land to foment instability in China and keep an eye on India, also claim analyst.

Houlan’s sudden dash to Kathmandu does tell that Beijing is pretty annoyed with the Indian highhandedness exhibited in Nepali politics of late.  But why then Ambassador Houlan was missing from Kathmandu for so long?

India’s ‘men’ overwhelm Nepali political spectrum. Beijing laxity too is at fault.

Tough time for both India and China indeed.

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