May 15, 2012

Nepal parties fail to handle and run the nation

By Deepak Gajurel

Will the new constitution be promulgated by Jestha14?
What type of the constitution will that be?
Will the Nepali people accept that undemocratically promulgated document?
If not, what will happen next, whether the constitution is promulgated or not?

As ‘top leaders’ of ‘major parties’ are, at the eleventh hour, heading towards ‘giving’ the Nepali people a constitution in haste, it has become obvious that the expected constitution will not be in accordance with the aspiration of the Nepali people.

The very process the parties are adopting is the justification that the ‘constitution of New Nepal’ would be by and for the syndicate of a handful of politicians. The ‘Loktantrik’ politicians have put this nation into a whirlpool of uncertainty and chaos.

An analysis from domestic, regional as well as international perspectives is done in a radio talk show, which was broadcast live by Gorkha FM on May 14, 2012 (Jestha 01, 2069).

The 22-minute program in MP3 format can be listened or downloaded by clicking on the following link.

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