Jun 4, 2012

Ambassador Jayant meets Nepal former King, secret meet held

By Telegraph Nepal

Reports have it that Nepal’s last King Gyanendra Shah has quietly met with Indian Ambassador to Nepal Jayant Prasad.

It is not clear whether Jayant went to see the former Nepal sovereign or vice versa?

Yet the news must have brought, hopefully, hearts into the mouth of Nepal’s so-called republican leaders. Trembling affair must have commenced.

The Sanghu Vernacular weekly reports that immediately after the unilateral decision of the Unified Maoists Party led coalition government to dissolve the Constituent Assembly and declare another round of CA elections, former King Gyanendra had met with the Indian ambassador.

The weekly however, reports that the meet between the two has not yet been independently confirmed.

Ambassador Jayant has a habit of sneaking into other’s houses even uninvited. Ambassador Bimal babu too used to enter into late Koirala’s private residence each morning uninvited for a long tea session. Family habits.

Baburam Bhattarai who was elevated to Prime Ministerial chair with India’s open support used to be considered as India’s last ‘Guinea Pig Republican experiment’ in Nepal, critics have it and add, but with the abject failure of Baburam “serving” in favor of India and to take country’s deteriorating political situation under control, the southern neighbor could have begun mulling over the revival of its original ‘two pillar Nepal theory’ –constitutional monarchy and democracy, in earnest.

The Prime Minister too has been informed by government intelligence sources of the said meeting, also adds Sanghu. A trembling Bhattarai may have thus gone to a RESORT hotel to ease his inner pain.

In the meantime, sources even claim that a grand reception/luncheon was freshly organized by some noted royalists at a hotel in Kathmandu wherein some top brass of Nepali Congress like, Shekhar Koirala, and United Marxist Leninist had been invited.

Dr. Koirala’s presence at this “exclusive” meet thus assumes significance.

Analysts now guess that Sonia’s international relations advisor, Dr. Karan Singh may land in Kathmandu any time soon. Dr. Karan Singh, the son of former Kashmir King, is also a close relative of former Nepal monarch. He lands in Kathmandu as and when Nepal is in trouble of India making.

To recall, Ambassador Rakesh Sood, December 9, 2009, had secretly met the former Nepal King at Soaltee hotel (between 6. 30-8.30 PM) and had sought the support of Nepali monarch in lessening China’s increasing influence in Nepal.

The meet had taken just after the visiting Chinese Foreign Minister, Yang Jiechi, had openly told a Nepali gathering, December 3, 2009, inside the Chinese embassy that “China will not tolerate any foreign interference in Nepal”.

Ambassador Jayant thus may have met Nepal’s former Monarch under some compelling circumstances. Reports have it that Chinese Ambassador Yang Houlan during his fresh meet with caretaker Nepal PM had point blank told Bhattarai not to undermine the Chinese security interests from the Nepali soil or else China will do all it can in order to preserve her vital security concerns.

Will the Chinese PLA be moved towards the adjoining Nepali borders in the North? Chances remain high.