Jun 1, 2012

Nepal: Political fluidity at its peak

By N. P. Upadhyaya Nepali

Kathmandu: The Nepalese Constituent Assembly body has died a natural death. Though some disagree to this notion.

High placed sources claim that the CA body which had already become a national burden was forced to embrace a death by the ones who championed the very advent of this order some years back. The people just observed its advent and now they were forced to see its death. The people had virtually no role in either of the events.

Some even claim that the parties which were against the nation being divided on community based lines played a trick which ultimately caused its ‘untimely’ death even after four years of state plunder. RED passport free sale excluded.

The CA in one way or the other was strangled but yet the national population accepted this death as a natural one. Some albeit with heavy hearts. But later may explode.

However, though the nation may appear to have remained in a composed and unruffled situation, yet the things are not that simple enough to take it for granted that things will remain quiet. It is feared that some section of the Nepali society which had to swallow the bitter pill (of the dissolution) may conserve energy, time permitting, and time permitting were likely to burst out their inner feelings creating yet another political hurricane in Nepal. The eventuality can’t be ruled out. Stones have already been dropped in the Nepal’s troubled waters which are sure to create ripples which will remain for some time to come. Omen is not that much favorable.

Nevertheless, Nepali society is otherwise a peace loving one and thus it could faintly be expected that those who have been felt cheated by the State with the abrupt dissolution of the CA body will observe restrain provided the presumed ‘intruders’ halt their nasty encouragement activities aimed at damaging the national harmony of this country further. Some aliens have already been exposed. Yet the internal trauma must not be ignored.

Analysts hope that the despicable elements, both domestic and external ones, would now stop creating fissures among the otherwise friendly population of Nepal.

Now let’s come back to the point.

The CA died or even one could say it was forced to pass away. The CA body though consumed some ten billion rupees for no job which could be noticed.

But the questions remains as to whether the myriad of issues and problems associated with grievances, some genuine ones that had been voiced during these disorderly years will come to a halt and the nation will restore peace or remain in a peaceful state as expected?

Or is the calm observed after the CA death is a bogus one? The peace is a negative one?

Definitely some have taken the sudden demise of the CA body in an easy manner; however, such a death may have caused immense pains in the hearts of those who had expected so many things out from the CA drafted constitution for the preservation of their fundamental rights. Will they remain silent? We doubt.

At yet another plane, questions are being raised as to the Maoist leader, with dark and sad JNU background, who claims that he continues to be the Nepal PM is talking sense?

The fact is that when the CA body has died thus the CA elected Prime Minister also ceases to exist and thus, say constitutional experts, Babu Ram can in no way remain in a position to announce the next CA polls in his present day defunct capacity. Though the President has made him already a caretaker one.

Yet some other experts claim that even the very post of the CA elected Nepal President post too has gone to the dogs. The contention is that once the CA body elected Dr. Yadav as Nepal President and thus the body which elevated his ranks to the President remains itself not in place and, by extension, his current post too cannot acquire authority as is being claimed. However, the fact which could not be ignored is that since the country can’t remain in a state of political vacuum and thus some legitimacy must be awarded to the post of the Nepal Presidency. This should thus mean that the authority of the President remains intact. Doctrine of necessity.

For a minute, if analysts are forced to presume that if both the posts of Nepal PM and President remain not in place after the death of the CA body then how to run the day to day political affairs of the State? More so how to continue the loot of the country under which legal cover?

But with the sad demise of the CA body, questions could still be raised as regards the legality of both the posts, i.e. of the Nepal PM and the President.

Constitutional experts though have made their target to the PM post only. Could be that the experts affiliated with political parties wish the PM being sacked and be replaced by their preferred parties. After all they too were Nepali nationals with the same mindset.

The NC and the UML with some more fringe parties have begun demanding the instant resignation of the PM as they claim that the post of the PM stands as an illegitimate one.

Now the question is that, once again, if the Nepal PM post is illegal then why not the nation’s Apex Court become sensitive? Why some enthusiasts have not yet filed writ petitions demanding the Court’s intervention in declaring the post as to have been illegal if it were at all? (Some have by this time already knocked at the door of the Apex Court).

Babu Ram remains undeterred. He has his overly publicized JNU and NOIDA backing still in place though his own comrade in arms, Mohan Baidya and his hardliner panel has already dubbed Babu Ram post as an illegal one and has also demanded the immediate formation of a national unity government through the issuance of a press note.

However, the paradox remains.

Hasn’t the CA membership of the political leaders too have died with the death of the CA body? If so then how can they become bonafide to rule the country sans legality?

In this situation, as interpreted, analysts see only three institutions that could wield authority and jump into the political scene and they are the Nepal Army, the Supreme Court and the Nepal President, respectively.

Since the country can’t remain in a prolonged political vacuum, one of the three institutions must come for the rescue of the nation. Earlier the better.

The Supreme Court at best could be the best “independent” option as the President is a politically partisan personality though he has so far remained far from any allegations. He very freshly wept observing the national politics deterioration.

One qualified judge could be told to act like an acting president who would later announce fresh elections. But which judge will dare to take such a risk as one of its senior most colleagues has been murdered?

If not then Nepal President has to come forward. If he dilly-dallies in understanding the gravity of the Nepali political situation then the Army may get encouraged.

After all someone has to take the lead in saving the nation. Is not it that?

Interestingly, Ambassador Jayant Prasad was allowed by the Chinese Ambassador Yang Houlan more or less like a “walkover” for more than three months to twist the Nepali politics the Indian way as he was missing from Kathmandu. However, Ambassador Houlan landed Nepal on Saturday, May 26, 2012, and right the very next day, the Nepal CA body died a mysterious death. The free walkover did not work. What an interesting coincidence? 

This must have some links. Keep on searching the possible reasons.

Most shamefully, the proven inept Nepali leaders who ruined the nation with state plunder in the name of drafting of a new republican constitution converged together at Nepal President House, May 28, 2012, for a collective photograph. Worse of it all is that they could be found smiling perhaps for devastating the nation under alien instructions. They jointly smiled on the republican day-the very next day of the CA’s death.  Oh! The Rasputin(s).

In the meanwhile, the Indian BJP leader, Mr. Raj Nath Singh has made some sad notes as regards the Nepali political situation wherein he claims that some aliens intruded into Nepali politics and caused the derailment of the CA body. Nose poking exercise begins. 

His statement issued on Nepal events gives an impression that he and his party, the BJP, were of the Nepali origin to which it is not. Is he referring then to the notion of 'special relations' to what we have not? Bogus idea being revived only to be thrown to the dustbin.

Is he hinting at China then for the entire political hotchpotch?

Mr. Singh should understand that the Nepalese population takes the Indian nationals as aliens much the same way as they take the Chinese. Neighbors only. Not more than that. Mr. Singh can’t claim that he is not an alien for Nepali people. He is an Indian national. While Mr. Singh deplored the “aliens”, he however, did not mention the visible mischievous habits of his own country’s envoy who could be seen loitering around the Nepali leaders most of his working hours-time, overtime not included.  Thus India too must collect its portion in the sad demise of Nepali CA body. Mr. Singh can’t escape simply by shedding crocodile tears.

By the way, yet another BJP leader, Yaswant Sinha, the father-in-law of a senior Indian diplomat Mr. Ashok Kanth, has teased China by being in the United States. The BJP has simply two things left to do: the first being to tear-apart Nepal and the second one: “tease China” as much as you can.  China is “quiet”.

Shame on the Nepali population who have such shameless leaders told to rule the nation. They will once again reemerge with a new mask. Unfortunate mother Nepal.

Yet analysts at this paper condole the untimely demise of the CA body. Rest in peace the great SOUL. The CA is dead; however, the erstwhile CA members are pocketing salaries. Loot after death also is in progress.

Written on May 29, posted June 1st, 2012, with a few additions: Ed.

Courtesy: Telegraphnepal.com

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