Jun 24, 2012

Everest lies in India not Nepal, claims erratic Indian envoy in Korea

By Telegraph Nepal

India’s ambassador to South Korea, Vishnu Prakash Bharati in an interview with the Korea Times Daily, June 10, 2012, has claimed that the majestic Mount Everest lies within the Indian Territory.

Has excelled Rakesh Sood. Must have graduated from an unregistered University. 

Visnhu, the then spokesperson of the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was appointed as the ambassador to South Korean on December 7, 2011, who is deliberately trying to undermine Nepal’s identity intentionally, claim critics those who understand the Indian foreign ministry bureaucracy.

Hangover of British India Company rule remains.

Vishu’s fresh utterances has come at a time when Nepali mission in South Korea have been making complaints to the South Korean government over some curricular texts in South Korea claiming Lord Buddha’s birth place as India.

Vishnu made the comment when asked how lack of roads, railways, clean water and electricity and rampant poverty still make India one of the preferred tourist destinations.

Vishnu quickly responds by stating that “the much-heralded poverty only adds to India’s diversity and that shouldn’t obstruct people from deciding to travel there”.

Poverty as nation’s diversity! Hilarious! 

The Indian dimension to ‘poverty’ perhaps is to sell Indian poverty to facilitate tourist arrival!

To recall, in a Film Munna Bhai MBBS, a Japanese tourist wants to snap the pictures of Indian poverty stricken people only.

The ambassador adds, “The northeastern part of the country where it borders China offers the most beautiful scenic views thanks to Mt. Everest.”

Height of erratic claims associated with inferiority complex.

“Once you go to India, you get addicted to its sights, sounds, smells, and colors,” the ambassador said.
That poverty also has sight, sound, smell and color could be new indicators for the World Bank and foreign funded NGOs to measure the level of poverty. Thanks Vishnu Prakash!

Amartya Sen must have laughed.

In the meantime, Naya Patrika Daily published from Kathmandu June 22, 2012, claims that Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already made formal complaints to Ambassador Vishnu’s remarks.

“We cannot tolerate such an irresponsible remark,” report quotes an unnamed Foreign Ministry official as saying, “We have already asked through formal diplomatic channels to clarify India’s position.”

Nepal’s ambassador to South Korea, Kaman Singh Lama, has formally submitted a verbal note to ambassador Vishnu.

Instead, claims Nepal’s Foreign Ministry, India’s ambassador to South Korea virtually has threatened Nepal’s local ambassador not to flare-up the issue.


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