Jun 5, 2012

Nepal: Norway minister lands uninvited, diplomatic breach noticed

Telegraph Nepal

Without formal invitation from government of Nepal, the International Development Minister from Norway, Heikki Holmås landed in Kathmandu, June 4, 2012.

Interestingly, the Norwegians have learn, it appears, several lessons of corrupt diplomacy from India. Eric Solheim was one of the naughty Norwegian development minister who used to poke his nose in Nepali affairs through the Nepal Maoists, if one were to recall.

The Royal Norwegian Embassy has on its own declared that the visit is a formal one.

Breaking diplomatic etiquettes remains no longer the preoperative of Indian diplomats and leadership in Nepal, comment observers.

We had been advising other foreigners not to visit Nepal as the country is reeling under fluid political situation however, we failed to stop him”, reports quote high placed foreign ministry sources as claiming.

What it was so urgent is a mystery?

Except rumors that Norway had financially supported the Maoists’ rebellion and meeting between Maoists leaders residing then in New Delhi and Norwegian ministers was a usual phenomenon, Norwegian interest in Nepali politics is still under scrutiny.

Solheim used to make mobile phone calls to Prachanda while the latter was in NOIDA. Eric Solheim himself exposed this (at a Press conference) while Nepal PM Prachanda was on a Norwegian trip some years back, perhaps in 2009. 

However, some reports confirm that Norway was one among several western countries that had pressurized Nepal’s political parties to declare the country secular.

“It’s no longer a secret that Norway was supporting LTTE terrorists in Sri Lanka and they might have supported Maoists in the same line. But with the Maoists joining open politics Norway too has come openly in Nepali politics”, claim analysts in Nepal.

Nevertheless, uninvited Holmås had the privilege to meet Prime Minister Baburam, Chairman Pushpa Kamal of Unified Maoists, Nepali Congress President Sushil, UML chairman Jhalnath and finance Minister Barsaman Pun within hours after landing in Nepal.

He in his meetings expressed Norway’s willingness to support Nepal draft the constitution.

It has been reported that Deputy Prime Minister Bijaya Gacchedhar has refused to meet the Norwegian minister. Well done.

“I had hoped that with the promulgation of new constitution I will visit Nepal for a celebration. I am pretty sad because I have to be here in this situation”, Holmås told media after meeting the prime minister.

“Norway is ready to extend whatever support Nepal needs to revive the constitution drafting process”, Holmås also said.

Analysts opine that the best Norwegian help to Nepal would be extending “no support”. Will Norway listen?

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