Jun 30, 2012

Nepal PM a tool of foreign forces: UML leader Khanal

By Telegraph Nepal

Chairman Jhalanath Khanal of United Marxist Leninist Party who during his term as the country’s prime minister survived with the expectation of receiving invitation for a state visit to India-which was virtually denied by the New Delhi regime, has said while addressing a program in Nuwakot district that Prime Minister Baburam was nothing but a tool of the foreign forces.

To recall, even Beijing ignored him.

Addressing a press meet in district headquarters, Bidur, Khanal claimed that Baburam’s sole objective is to foment chaos and make the country unstable as directed by his foreign masters. Which master? Clever Kahanl though did not reveal.

“The country is reeling under severe political and constitutional crisis. Our prime minister on the other hand is supporting the foreign forces to add to the current instability”.

“We are extremely worried because the Prime Minister himself has become the tool of foreign forces”, he said.

Hoina Kasko TOOOL?

“Upon return from Brazil Baburam, has suddenly acquired the strength in a mysterious manner He has become arrogant. I am certain the day will soon come when this arrogance will break like an egg”.

And Khanal will make an Omelette, hopefully.

“The CA election is not possible just because a prime minister and his party is in favour of it. The election is a ploy of the Prime Minister to push the country into yet another fierce confrontation.”

Courtesy: Telegraph Nepal

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