Jun 10, 2012

We will bring you to Royal Palace, Thapa assures Ex Nepal King


A day after the 22 Party ‘show of strength’ in Tudhikhel of Kathmandu, the single royalist party led by none other than Chairman Kamal Thapa of Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal, also organized a solo party show of strength at the same venue.

Virtually, comment onlookers, public participation on both the days were almost equal.

Whether Kamal Thapa is slowly but surely gaining the much needed public trust or the Nepali Congress and United Marxist Leninist are losing it, is hard to contemplate, comment critics and add, both could be true.

Your loss is my gain.

Almost all the speakers who spoke at the RPP-Nepal mass meet were very clear with their agenda unlike the previous day meet organized by the 22 Party alliances.

Multitude of brains had talked different which at times even contradicted each other’s views though they shared the same platform and had converged to deride at the Maoists.

They, the RPP men, reiterated that RPP-Nepal has finally emerged as one of the major political forces of the country and warned that any ‘agreement between the so-called self-declared big parties’ without RPP-Nepal’s consent’ will be out rightly rejected by the people.

“If not monarchy restored constitutionally, King Gyanendra would be brought to Narayanhiti Royal Palace by the people”, claimed Rajendra Lingden ‘Limbu’.

Limbu is Jhapa District chief of the RPP-Nepal.

Lingden –a prolific speaker said, “Our King is right here with us. He has not fled the country neither he has been killed. He is living in Nagarjung Jungles. Nagarjun is not that far from Narayanhiti.”

Majority of the speakers insisted that with the miserable death of constituent assembly the constitutional condition of the country has already reverted back to the days prior to CA election that is a state wherein the Constitutional monarchy prevailed.

Thus, they said the institution of monarchy has been restored constitutionally though practically, it is yet to be restored.

Treasurer and Former Minister Rajiv Parajuli, leaders like Bikram Thapa, Pralhad Sah, Rajaram Shrestha, Rajedra Lingden, Kunti Shahi and others too had addressed the gathering.

Chairman Kamal Thapa, while addressing the mass meet claimed that with the success of the mass meet RPP-Nepal has emerged as one of the major political forces in the country and warned the so-called big parties not to ignore his party in the days ahead.

“I challenge you to contest the election. With the end of the CA, your position has also ended. The four-party syndicate cannot continue for long. You have no right to make any decision without our consent.”

“I have urged the King to wait for a while. If parties do not hold elections, thousands of people will come to your door step at Nagarjun to bring you back to Narayanhiti Palace,” Thapa claimed to have told this to King Gyanendra.

All in all, Thapa has now a place in the country’s politics.

The former King must have begun counting upon Thapa and his party. 

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