Jun 24, 2012

No support from India to Nepal would be the best support: Analysts

By Telegraph Nepal

Nepal’s southern neighbor India has once again made commitment to extend support to Nepal in all its capacities for sustainable peace, stability and prosperity.

Indian support is always dangerous.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh made this hair raising comment when he met Nepal’s India groomed and elevated Prime Minister Baburam on the sidelines of United Nations Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janerio, Brazil.

Baburam also thanked PM Singh for India’s constructive support to Nepal for peace and stability.

But which constructive support? It should be “damaging” support instead.

He also requested for India’s further support in Nepal’s economic sector.

Inviting the trouble maker officially.

A press statement issued by Nepal’s embassy in Brazil, as reports have it claim that, Dr. Singh had all praise to Nepali political leadership for successfully accomplishing the peace process. Is it a joke!

But which peace Dr. Singh is talking about?

“India is ready to extend support to Nepal to the possible extent,” Dr. Singh is quoted as saying.

Critics in Nepal however claim that since India has already extended support in all its capacities yet with dismal end result, it is advisable thus for India not to extend further support to Nepal.  That would, analysts hope, would be the best support from India. Have mercy on Nepal please.

Interestingly, claim analysts the only objective of Nepal’s Prime Minister Baburam who has now become an expert of ‘merging & submerging theory’ to attend the Rio+20 Summit was to meet the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan and the Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg.

Norway, by the way, is also very close to Prachanda and Babu Ram from the people’s war period.

Eric Solheim, the previous development minister of Norway had established personal friendship with Dr. Bhattarai and Dahal while these Nepal Maoist veterans were in New Delhi. 

What he would have talked to both the PMs that did not appear in media is yet anybody’s guess.

How the previous Indian supports to Nepal have yielded results here does tell that Nepal now should not ask for any Indian support.


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