Jul 2, 2012

China delegation ignores Nepal PM and Prez, message galore

By Telegraph Nepal

The six member Chinese delegation led by Mr. Ai Ping, deputy head of the International Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC)-Central Committee, wrapped up its three day Nepal trip, July 1, 2012, without meeting Prime Minister Baburam and President Ram Baran.

Chinese Ambassador Yang Houlan told the media that the delegation did not meet Nepal’s PM and President because there was no agenda as such.

Very Interesting! Ignoring or insulting?

“The visit was a private one and was intended at enhancing cooperation with the political parties and there was no agenda as such to meet PM and Prime Minister”, Annapurna Post quotes the Chinese ambassador as saying.

The daily newspaper further quotes an unnamed Chinese embassy official as saying that the delegation preferred not to meet the Prime Minister simply because he was currently heading a ‘caretaker government’.

So this may have applied to the caretaker ceremonial President?

“Though the embassy had tried to arrange a meeting with the President, the meeting could not take place as we thought the meeting with President without meeting the PM would have given wrong signal,” also claims the embassy source.

Insult taking proper care of diplomatic protocol.

The daily newspaper nevertheless, also quotes a foreign ministry official as saying, “This does tell that China is not at all happy with the present government. Formerly, a province leader from China used to meet the President. A high profile dignitary as Ai Ping preferring not even to meet the government officials does indicate that China is not happy with the present government.”

Kamlo odhai pitera gayo!

Prior to his departure, Ai Ping commented, “The visit was successful in enhancing cooperation between Communist Party of China and Nepal’s political parties. Nepal should learn lessons from the development in the neighbourhood.”

Mr. Ai Ping should understand that Nepali leaders have “developed” over these years at the cost of Nepali population.

By the way, PM Bhattarai was ignored by Chinese PM Wen Jiabao in Brazil and here Ai Ping repeated the same.

Must have some inner signals to both Nepal PM and President from the North. Analysts hope that some friends from the South will drop in soon to console the both caretakers.


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