Jul 20, 2012

Nepal: Indian envoy begins door to door campaign, meets leaders

By Telegraph Nepal

Rather than focusing on resolving matters of disputes, Nepal’s major political parties have been blaming each other for the ‘sad and untimely’ demise of Constituent Assembly yet, India’s ambassador to Nepal Sri Jayant Prasad Srivastav is still trying his best to bring Nepal’s proven inefficient and inept leaders together once again. Poor Prasad has his work cut out. He must do his job because he is answerable.

Prasad is visiting each and every leader and urging them to resolve their disputes at the earliest. Guess whose Bungalow he may have liked? 

In the past two weeks, Prasad has already met with Pushpa Kamal of Unified Maoists and Sushil of Nepali Congress. On Thursday July 19, 2012, Prasad met with sluggish Ram Chandra Poudel of Nepali Congress who had just returned from hospital after treatment of some ailments. 

In between he might have visited home, Delhi, once.

Prasad deserves a promotion before his retirement for his benevolent service extended for free to the neighbor, critics seriously recommend.

Critics also take the privilege to suggest Prasad to urge Nepali leaders to revisit New Delhi’s November 22, 2005 ‘12 Point deal’ or at best compel them to sign another agreement of similar sort. Use coercive diplomacy in which Indian diplomats are taken as experts. 

It is believed that to penalize the unyielding Nepal’s monarch Gyanendra Shah, India had forced Nepali leaders to sign the deal that eventually did away with the only Hindu monarchy. The single point agenda that it was then.

India has already paid a heavy price for the failed experiment it carried out in Nepal, opine critics.
It has also been reported that Prasad had also met with the former King recently. What transpired between the two is any body’s guess.

Nevertheless, in his meeting with Ram Chandra, Prasad made it clear that there was no option than having consensus between political parties and urged Nepali Congress to forward its clear solution to resolve the present deadlock.

What is the harm in that Prasad himself prepares the solution and thus the NC leaders as is their habit will read it out clearly? But the solution must not exceed more than 12 points, analysts opine.

The meeting only lasted for half an hour. Perhaps Ram Chandra was too boring for Prasad. What about meeting Mohan Baidya upon his return from China? Ambassador Prasad must have been waiting eagerly. 

Courtesy: Telegraphnepal.com

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