Jul 12, 2012

Nepal Prez honours Indian Army Chief, UNNF asks India to quit Kalapani

By Telegraph Nepal

The Unified Nepal National Front (UNNF) chairman Phanindra Nepal led a group of nationalists to submit a memorandum to the Chief of Nepal Army Chief Chhatra Man Singh Gurung and the Indian Army Chief Bikram Singh, urging the Indian Army to leave Nepal’s illegally occupied territories in Kalapani.

Daring job indeed.
Kalapani is the tri-junction between China, Nepal and India, where India has occupied 37.5 thousand hectares of Nepali lands.

The Indian habit beginning Nehru days.

In Susta, India has occupied some 14 thousand hectares and is continuing to make further inroads into Nepal. Yet none of the Nepali leaders speak even a single word against this occupation. This speaks of so many things unspoken.

Of the total 26 districts adjoining India, Nepali landmass to the tune of 65 thousand hectares plus have already been gulped by the self-proclaimed “big brother”.

Nevertheless, while on the way to the Indian Embassy to submit their memorandum, the UNNF men were misbehaved by the local police.

Claims Phanindra Nepal, “We had to forward the memorandum through post office because we were not allowed by our own police force. However, we have personally handed over the memorandum to the Nepal Army Chief.”

In the meantime, President Ram Baran has conferred upon Chief of Army Staff (CoAS) of Indian Army, Bikram Singh the Honorary rank of General of the Nepali Army amidst a function at Shital Niwas at 4 pm on Wednesday.

Nepali and Indian armies have a tradition of conferring the rank of honorary Generals to each other's chiefs.

Perhaps citizens of a frail nation like Nepal take it as a matter of pride to decorate the Army General of a country that occupies their own motherland. What a dilemma?

Bear with this. 


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