Jul 5, 2012

Nepal Maoists don’t want fresh polls, a ploy only: Kamal Thapa

By Telegraph Nepal

The Chairman of RPP-Nepal, Mr. Kamal Thapa has warned that the conduct of the announced election will remain a distant affair if the incumbent government led by Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai remained intact.

According to Thapa, if the present government continues to remain in office, none of the political parties will have their participation in the election and thus the election that may be conducted by this government may not be a free and fair one.
“It would thus be advisable to this government to quit and facilitate the formation of an election government”, opined Thapa.

Thapa just the other day met the caretaker prime Minister.

Revealing a million dollar secret, Thapa hinted that neither the government nor the Unified Maoists Party wish the conduct the election as declared, the ploy of the election, claims Thapa, is only to prolong the tenure of the present day government.

As understood by Thapa, the government doesn’t want the conduct of the election but instead is shifting the blame onto the heads of the NC and the UML for blocking the occurrence of the announced election with the sole aim of imposing an authoritarian rule in the country eventually.

With the death of the Constituent Assembly body without drafting the constitution, the country is already in a state of political and constitutional vacuum”, maintains Thapa and for this  reason the country must embrace fresh polls for having fresh mandate.

“With the demise of the CA, all Nepali parties now stand on the same footing and hence there should be no arrogance among the parties that they were the largest or the second largest one. All have become the same” said Thapa.

Thapa made these observations in Janakpur, July 3, 2012. Janakpur is the birth place of Goddess Sita


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