Jul 31, 2012

Way out of current political impasse

By Deepak Gajurel

Deepak Gajurel
The government's decision to hold another CA election is jeopardized. Opposition parties are hiking pressure on Dr. Bhattarai to quit, while the Maoist-led government seems determined to continue.

While the nation is engulfed into constitutional vacuum with no clear constitutional or legal way out. 'Partners' of 12-point Delhi Agreement are now at odds on vital issues the country is facing.

At this backdrop, there are only two alternatives, one is to choose violence to further devastate the nation (preliminary signs of violence have already been smelt); and another is a peaceful means.

In case the present political players choose a peaceful path, there can be two means which will be legitimate, based on 'democratic norms and values.'

Creating an environment for generating a 'political legitimacy' with broader national consensus is one remedy for the current political impasse.

The next alternative is to revive the 1990 constitution, which will be a means of 'continuation of legitimacy.'

An analysis of current political deadlock and projections for the days ahead is done is a radio talk show. Please click the following link to listen or download the analysis in MP3 file format (duration 19 min 47 sec; file size 5.66 MB).

The program was broadcast live on Gorkha FM (93 Mhz, Kathmandu) on July 30, 2012.

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