Aug 1, 2012

Nepal: Is India a friend or foe?

Telegraph Nepal, Editorials

The freshly disseminated news that the Kathmandu based Indian Ambassador Jayant Prasad Srivastava put his extra energy for the elevation of one of the Nepal Government secretaries, his preferred one presumably, has stunned the nation in that till now the Embassy of the former British Colony had confined itself in making and breaking of Nepali parties and of the governments, was an open secret now, however, this unwanted and erratic additional effort made by Jayant Prasad does tell that India will now  begin penetrating into the very administrative structure of the Nepali bureaucracy in order to damage the very permanent pillar of the State that it is taken the world over. If he enters into this domain, Nepal as a nation-state will begin decaying fast which is what the Indian establishment desires.

Having interest in a particular person is not a crime which is what could be taken as a human weakness, however, exerting tremendous pressure on the very body politic of the nation-state through near and dear politicians of various shades and colors in order to elevate the ranks of a very distinguished Nepali national is quite a different and dangerous matter. Albeit the Nepali leaders have the right to do so in some way or the other.

The preferred personality of the Indian Ambassador though could not get the post he deserved or not yet the Indian Ambassador’s personal preference towards that very Nepali national and the dissemination of the same in the media albeit must have damaged his entire bureaucratic career in that the general population, including his juniors in the ministry he is currently serving, will now take him as someone other’s preferred man which he may have been not.

Question now come to the fore is why Jayant Prasad dared to damage the very honest bureaucratic credentials of this individual serving the Nepal government as one of the most distinguished Secretaries? Out of love? Or what? Or wanted to kill his image?

While these questions demands convincing answers yet what is for sure is that in the name of helping this Nepali national, our honored citizen, the Indian involvement must have caused immense damage instead.  

At times, even one jumps into the scene with a good intent yet the end result is negative as the one about which we have been talking about. We really feel sorry for such a situation where in the Indian envoy pushed this Nepali citizen. 

More than the damage caused to this honored Nepali national, the damage is already in record now, Jayan’t poking his nose into the administrative domain of Nepali bureaucracy must be taken as a diplomatic crime which, if taken seriously and if the government, an Indo-pendent one that it is, has any guts or political stamina then the Nepali foreign ministry should immediately declare Ambassador Jayant Prasad as Persona Non Grata with a stern warning to leave the Nepali soil well within forty eight hours.

But who will bell the wild cat? Nepal PM Bhattarai can’t collect this much courage for fear of being imprisoned if and when as a simple person he makes a small trip to the Indian soil. More so Bhattarai is taken as the Indian product by some high placed quarters.

Will Prachanda then collect this much courage, who keeps on telling his audience at times that he will not bow down to the alien Deities, to convince his deputy and the Nepal PM to act fast and send Jayant Babu back to Delhi?

Prachanda will not because every evening he is with the Indian Ambassador or vice versa. What transpires in between these two luminaries in such evening gathering is any body’s guess as Professor Sukh Deo Muni has very freshly revealed, tip to toe, as to what Prachanda is in effect.  By the way Muni has also exposed Bhattarai’s real credentials.

Stretching this matter further will boomerang on Nepal as India knows on how to fix the nails on the heads of the erratic; this is what they take those who talk in favor of Nepal, Nepali personnel as had been recently fixed by Ambassador Shyam Saran  to one of our senior professional colleague who even apologized in haste for some mysterious reasons.

Soon the days will come to us when we will listen that Nepali nationals will have to submit their applications straight at the Indian embassy if they wish to join the Nepal government services. This will, as and when this happens, come as an added advantage for the Nepali competent nationals for they will not have to undergo through the rigorous process of being selected by the Nepali Public Service Commission as per the rule.

Yet thanks must go to the Indian Ambassador that his preferred one was an honest and nationalist Nepali of this country. Our sympathy goes to this eminent Nepali national who for not of his fault was drawn into controversy through the kind courtesy of the Indian Ambassador Jayant babu. This does also mean that the Lainchour premise will now poke its nose in each and every Nepali institution in order to further damage the very untainted credentials of those whom it prefers. Rehearsal of Sikkimisation perhaps has already begun. Is India then a friend or foe? Real friends do not poke their nose in the internal matters of other countries. Then what?


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