Aug 12, 2012

Nepal 1990 Charter magic potion for present ailments: Prof. Gajurel

By Telegraph Nepal

At an interaction program organized by Civil Society-Nepal, August 11, 2012, intellectuals, academicians, politicians and journalists mulled over the possibility of revival of the constitution of 1990.

Presenting his working paper political scientist Deepak Gajurel claimed that peaceful and constitutional key to the present political deadlock could be the revival of 1990 constitution and he suggested the parties to come and break the shackles of New Delhi manufactured 12 Point Agreement.

Hilarious demand made by the widely acclaimed political scientist Professor Gajurel.

The ‘anti-national’ 12 Point Agreement between Nepal’s political parties was reached in New Delhi on November 22, 2005 under the direct instructions of the New Delhi regime.

“It is up to the political parties to realize that the New Delhi deal was basically incorrect. The interim constitution that followed up the deal has now become totally defunct and there lay no constitutional way out from the present crisis through the same constitution now in force. The parties must accept their fault and refer back to the 1990 constitution,” said Gajurel. Professor Gajurel teaches Political Science at Ratna Rajya Campus and is also a prolific writer.

He also claimed referring to Prime Minister Baburam’s fresh remark that ‘key to unlock Nepali problems lay out of the country’s territory’, “his statement is the proof that preservation of Nepali nationalism is impossible with the present day political leadership.”

Academician Yagya Prasad Adhikari said, “The political parties have themselves laid the foundation for foreign interference thus these bunch of failed leadership can no longer be trusted to resolve our internal problems.”

Journalist Chandra Kishoar Jha was of the view that foreign interference has grown mainly because Nepal has become weak.

Appropriate conclusion.

Politician Anand Santoshi Rai was of the view that both the political leadership and general public were indifferent towards the issue of Nepali nationalism which he said was a very dangerous trend.

Civil Society leaders Yub Raj Gautam and Bharat Basnet opined that unity among Nepali citizens was the only way out to build a strong nation.


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