Aug 24, 2012

Nepal Maoist: India’s Trojan Horse claims Comrade Rohit

Telegraph Nepal

Narayan Man Bijukche Rohit termed Nepal’s Maoists as India’s ‘Trojan Horse’. 

The Trojan horse is a tale from the Trojan War about the trick that allowed the Greeks to finally enter into the city of Troy (Wikipedia).

“I am not making comments without proof,” he said confidently and added, “It was India that supplied substandard Insas Rifles and Night vision helicopters to the state and at the same time it was also supplying trucks full of modern arms and artilleries to the Maoists”.

“The driver who was driving one of the trucks is from my district of Bhaktapur,” he claimed and added, “The then Defense Minister (India) George Fernandez is directly involved in the incident.”

George Fernandez is the one, to recall, who being a sitting minister of India had taken China as number one enemy. And he was supporting the Maoists.

“The Maoists prime objective is to create fissure in the Nepal Army. They have been assigned with this role after the peace agreement”, confidently claimed Bijukche and said further that, “The Maoists are not a nationalist force, instead they are India’s ‘Trojan Horse’.”

A new nomenclature indeed. But doesn’t the June 2002 Nepal Maoists-Indian Government Treaty justifies his claim?

“I advise the President to immediately get rid of such a horse”, he claimed while addressing a press meet organized by mobile team of Reporters’ Club in Bhaktapur, August 24, 2012.

How the Maoists react to this grave allegation will be no less interesting to observe. 


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