Aug 9, 2012

Nepal Maoists link with India exposed from A to Z: By Bharat Dahal

By Telegraph Nepal

“Right from the beginning of the peoples’ revolt led by the Maoists party, they had India’s direct protection”.

These are the words of a prolific writer Mr. Bharat Dahal in his fresh article published in the latest edition of Dristi Vernacular Weekly dated August 7, 2012.

“In the year 2053 B.S., I was invited to attend a program in New Delhi. It was then when I met Baburam Bhattarai for the first time in Faridabad. I was told that Pushpa Kamal was busy in another program. I along with Baburam toured around the city in a tempo (vehicle),” writes Dahal in his write-up.

Dahal was formerly associated with the Maoists Party.

He writes further, “In 2054 B.S. with my differences in the party began increasing, I was invited to Lucknow by the party leadership. It was there I met with two dozen Maoists leaders including Pushpa Kamal, Baburam, Posta Bahadur Bogati, Lekh Raj Bhatta, Yanprasad Gautam, Hemanta Prasad W0li and Hisila Yami.

A meeting was organized at a guest house owned by India’s Ministry of Agriculture. The meeting lasted for two days. Doors were left open and Indian security personnel were deployed heavily around the guest house throughout the meeting.”

Thrilling story indeed.

“Similarly, in 2056 B.S. a conference was organized in Siliguri between nine communist parties under the direct coordination of the Indian establishment and local Indian communist parties. It was made public that parties led by Pushpa Kamal, Madhav Nepal and Narayan Kaji Shrestha will take part actively in the Siliguri Conference. It was right there the three leaders had also held a secret meeting with the agents of India’s intelligence agencies.”

So sweet and juicy.
“In 2058 with the entire family members of King Birendra brutally murdered, all the security personnel deployed for their personal security at the Palace were transferred to Dang, Solu, Salleri and Mangalsen of Accham. Baburam and Pushpa Kamal as directed by the foreigners ordered an attack against the Nepal Army in 2058 Mangsir 8. Their targets were obviously the same bunch of soldiers in Dang and Solu. All the detained soldiers in Mangalsen were beheaded and none of them were spared. Twenty days after the palace massacre, Pushpa Kamal and Baburam held a meeting with India’s intelligence agents and present at the meeting was General Secretary Prakash Karat of India’s Communist Party-Marxist.

Dahal also writes, “All meetings and conferences held in India at time of the revolt were carried out right in the major cities such as New Delhi, Lucknow, Siliguri, Calcutta, Amritsar, Bhatinda and Faridabad where State is actively present. None of the meetings took place at the base areas of Indian Maoists. Majority of the meetings took place at luxurious guesthouses in New Delhi.”

So wrote Dahal in Dristi weekly. This perhaps explains everything. Nothing remains a secret as it has been told by a man who himself served the party for long which is now being controlled by Dahal-Bhattarai duo. Great nationalists that they are. Draw your own conclusions. Our salute to these strong nationalists-the sons of mother soil.


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