Aug 15, 2012

Chinese subtle message to India via Nepal, new headache to Delhi

By Telegraph Nepal

It is hard to recall when did Chinese delegates during any bilateral meetings with Nepali counterparts openly referred to Bhutan- the Indian protectorate, claim Nepal’s senior diplomats.

China basically aims to build friendly ties with the Himalayan nations that adjoin the Tibetan plateau with the South Asian Subcontinent, claim the senior diplomats and add, China’s plans to make India restive has worked ‘super-fine’ in Nepal and now China intends to gradually lift Bhutan out from India’s firm grips.

Bhutan too appears willing. After all now Bhutan has a new energetic King who was born in Nepal.
The Bhutanese King has admitted this fact.

“Unity between China, India, Bhutan and Nepal could be valuable for the entire region,” so observed the visiting Chinese Vice-Minister Fu Ying while meeting Nepal’s Prime Minister Baburam Ram Bhattarai, August 13, 2012.

Mercifully she met Bhattarai.

“China is not India’s competitor. We want to maintain cooperative relations with India,” she also told Baburam-the JNU Graduate.

Perhaps she said this to Nepal PM so that the message gets conveyed to the right place within minutes. Intelligent Chinese dignitary.

Why she chose Baburam to convey her message is any body’s guess? She knows perhaps Bhattarai’s excessive India bend.

Baburam also assured the Chinese visiting VIP that Nepal too wants balanced relations with both the neighbors.

Muni would have been dismayed with his disciple upon listening Bhattarai’s statement.

Thus the subtle message is that China prefers to bring into use its quiet diplomacy in order to increase its influence in South Asia but that should be for the overall development of the entire region. Not bad.


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  1. Baburam will never learn from an intelligent diplomat as he is used get advice from under-cover foreign agents, doublespeaks, twisted-turvies.