Aug 22, 2012

Nepal: Mark Twain’s counsel on stupids

Telegraph Nepal, Editorials

We don’t have adequate idea about this special Indian national. We have heard his name though time and again. What we understand is that he lands in Kathmandu as and when he feels that Nepalese must be taught some insulting lessons and in the process he not only teases the entire Nepali population but also pounces upon the sanctity of sovereign mother Nepal. Humiliation not included.

We have been told that he has some loyal marionettes in Nepal, not sure whether they enjoy monthly under table salaries, who invite him here quite frequently and through him make to tear apart the very sovereign-glorious prestige of their own mother-Nepal. We fail to understand as to why this third class Indian national (?) comes here quite often when he now fully understands that the entire Nepali population, save a few loyal, hate him to the extent that if the people in Kathmandu streets recognize him then he will surely be misbehaved and even manhandled. We pray that such ugly incidents do not happen. After all a scholar, that he is that we have heard, must not be treated in an inhumane manner. We mean it.

He makes lectures on Nepal. He provides the political prescriptions for our local ailments. He, in the process, also reminds his bought organizers who bring in some innocent souls to listen to his “rubbish” lectures that he was the lone Indian intellectual among the crowd of tens of millions of citizens of his qualification who may have been loitering in the dirty and stinking by-lanes of New Delhi and across the entire landmass of the former British Colony. Yet knowledge must be respected.

He at times claims that he brought the Nepal Maoists from the Hills to the Delhi plains and managed a secret meet with Brajesh Mishra and forced the former to sign the most ignominious treaty in June 2002 wherein the Nepali side represented by two heroes and builders of new Nepal promised that their people’s war will in no way be detrimental to the Indian prime security interests. It is this man who, we have been told, encouraged Maoists to pounce upon mother Nepal and now when the country remains already in a devastated state, he exposes his own men? What could have been his inner intent in exposing his own former colleagues? Design must be there. But then who is he?

Very freshly he was in town, we have been told, wherein he not only took to task the Nepali media but pulled the under garments of the half-baked Nepali intellectuals who claim themselves as the top-notch and cry at the seminar halls, yet by stating that these Nepalese set of sharp brains had gone berserk as regards the claims that he made freshly known to the world through one of his write up on Nepal Maoists. The listening so called media men together with the so called sharp brains could not pose hard hitting questions when he was insulting Nepali sovereignty by speaking the absurd. Instead, our media men and the educated and informed class listened to his lectures that mostly centered on insulting the late King Tribhuwan and mother Nepal.

However, we understand as to what had happened then instead what is being purposely disseminated by this Nepal hater Indian national as regards King Tribhuwan-Nehru talks in order to spread hatred amongst us the Nepalese people.

The fact is that, as we have been told by some high level Nepal Foreign Ministry officials that overwhelmed by the Royal treatment during his trip to Kathmandu, Nehru appealed the then Nepal King Tribhuwan that he would very much wish to get a Nepali citizenship certificate and spend the rest of his life serving mother Nepal. Listening to this somewhat awkward yet pleasing proposal as it did come from a Prime Minister of a neighboring country; King Tribhuwan convinced Prime Minister Nehru that the newly freed colony demanded his wise counsels and administration in order to institutionalize the democratic system in the Indian Union born 1947. Nepal King turned down his request.

The Nepal foreign Ministry official has told us that when time will come he will definitely provide the document for the knowledge. Strikingly, this is how the Indian national too has been assured by his own foreign ministry official as regards the King Tribhuwan-Nehru talks.

Listening to his bizarre speech, one of the attending participants, a highly educated Nepali personality who served the nation as a strong Nepali government bureaucrat for decades and decades, could not control himself and has reportedly wrote an article wherein he, the retired bureaucrat of high intellect, demands from this Indian national to educate further whatever he knew of the Maoists, their well managed stay in Delhi and many more which, the former bureaucrat hopes, would certainly enhance Nepal-India relations.

Unfortunately, we at this paper would love to see him in person and listen to the manner he is accustomed to hate mother Nepal during his speeches as and when he drops in Nepal through the kind courtesy of his local dubious friends. Those who could not become the son their own mother, how they can serve an alien mother?

Prior to winding up this not so pleasing write up we would wish to finish this with what Mark Twain had said long time back. Here is what he had said. “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience”.

By the way, who is stupid or is being made stupid, we leave it to our highly qualified and nationalist readers to assess the gist from what has been just presented. After all who is more stupid? We need convincing answers. Will some one educate us all at this publication? That’s all. 

Courtesy: The Telegraph Weekly, August 22, 2012.

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