Aug 23, 2012

Nepal: Politics and Power-Maniac Politicians

Shyam Prasad Adhikari,
Senior (Retd) Nepal Government Bureaucrat

Shyam Prasad Adhikari
It is sad to say that politics in Nepal has degenerated into a naked struggle for power for its own sake. It has become a lucrative profession. It involves the intent of somehow or the other occupying the position of power by any means and staying there for long time to come. The governance of the country as a result of such negative tendencies has received a short shrift. There has been a steep fall, as a result thereof, in the standards of public life and public administration, to name a few. The crisis of character, value system in politics, institutions of public administration and political institutions is there for all to see. Democratic norms and processes have been completely undermined and there is wide-spread erosion in respect for political parties, politicians, legislatures and civil services. Nationalists who wish to see Nepal as an independent and sovereign country for ever are becoming apprehensive of our leader's role blaming them as puppets and tools of some foreign countries.

Nepal is now counted amongst one of the most corrupt and poorly governed countries in the world as the prospects of civil strife and caste/communal discord stare us in the face. These all have combined to present a disturbing scenario in our country today.

It has been rightly said that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Power has peculiar way of entering into the mind of the one who receives it or snatches it, thereby intoxicating the man and even half-maddening him. He grows much more conscious of his rights than his duties and at the same time becomes impatient of even those moral and legal restraints which stand in the way of having a fuller taste of power. For the time being, he begins thinking that he is a demi-god, answerable to none or that he is just a superman who has every right to bully or domineer over the lesser creatures who actually are his fellow-brothers, voters.

Power under minds objectivity and rationality. To a man in power, rationality lies in all that augments his power and anything that reduces it must be doubly irrational. History is a standing testimony to the fact that power-thirst dictators or rulers have been most unscrupulous, arbitrary and willful. The present political crisis in our country is a result of the tug of war between major three political parties for their lust and greed for power. It is a glaring example of our power-maniac politicians/leaders who rather than tackling myriads of socio-economic problems of their country, pushing her back to more backwardness due to their unending lust for power. It is sad to see that the lust for power among our leaders is clearly mocking the ideals of our hard-earned democracy. Fellow countrymen! Isn’t it time for us to punish our power-maniac leaders who are bullying us with their false and hollow promises? But how? Go for people's mandate? benevolent dictatorship or marshal law ? We have chose one among the three.


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